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With any creative project, be it a motion picture, television commercial or video game, pairing it with a fitting soundtrack is paramount. The perfect song(s), or lack thereof, can make the difference between a great project and a forgettable one. Finding music that works and getting the proper clearance to use it can be quite difficult. Here at Stampede, we have a wealth of resources to ease you through this process and help you fully realize your artistic vision.


Music is one of the most powerful tools at a filmmaker's disposal. A well placed song evokes memories and feelings in the viewing audience and creates an emotional charge that can turn an everyday scene into something truly captivating. Browse our easy-to-search catalogue of songs and instrumental scores in a variety of genres to find the song that works for you.
True Blood - Snoop Dogg - Oh Sookie (Music Video)


Commercials are all about quickly and effectively sending a message to the audience. Whether the purpose is to persuade or to inform, our music supervisors will work with you to create the right song to get your message across, using our professional grade production facility, Purple Reign studios.
Jason Moss for Nike Spot


Quality music in video games is no longer the exception; it's a necessary element of any hit game. With Stampede, you will have access to our in-house production collective, Wild Animals, who will work with you to create the music to take your upcoming game to the next level.
RAGE x Snoop - Settlement
RAGE x Snoop - Weapons and Gadgets
Snoop Dogg NBA 2K11 Theme Song


Do you have an upcoming event or release that you want to create some buzz about? We offer music supervision services that can transform your trailer or promo into something that people will truly get excited for.
Snoop Dogg GGN Intro
Metro PCS x Snoop Dogg - G Connection 1

Metro PCS x Snoop Dogg - G Connection 2

Metro PCS x Snoop Dogg - G Connection 3